Former ‘Saved by the Bell’ star Lark Voorhies recently surfaced to let fans know what she’s been doing in the days since she left Bayside. She also revealed she’d be open to a ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion. That’s news that’s hard to b-b-b-beat and we can’t help but root on that possibility.

Here’s why that needs to happen quicker than the time it takes to get a case of food poisoning after eating at The Max.

1. We need to find out whether or not Screech and Violet ever got to second base.

2. Zack Morris set a trend by having what may have been the world’s first cell phone. Aren’t you curious to see if he now uses an iPhone or a Droid?

3. You know you want to hear about the crazy scam Zack pulled to get Slater’s father out of being deployed to Afghanistan.

4. You thought Jessie was excited when she popped too many pills? Imagine how excited viewers will be.

5. If Lisa really is so fashionable, maybe she convinced Screech to stop wearing parachute pants from the rejected MC Hammer collection.

6. We can find out if Jeff is still the manager at The Max. He deserves to stay in that job, the way he treated Kelly. What a slimeball.

7. Admit it – your life will be much better off if you can just once more hear Mr. Belding say, “Hey, hey, hey. What is going on here?”

8. Catfight – Jessie and Kelly versus Tori! Finally!

9. We want to know if Zack patented the “time-out” trick only he seems to have mastered. Out of all his hair-brained schemes, this seems like the best one he could’ve followed up on to make a fortune.

10. Rumor has it Valley is getting a reality show. Bayside can’t let their biggest rival upstage them.

11. ‘The College Years,’ ‘The New Class’… ‘Saved By the Bell’ needs to right its wrongs.

12. It would sure beat a ‘California Dreams’ reunion.

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