The NHL rolled out their 'Retro Remix' jerseys for all 32 teams this week, and Red Wing fans are not liking the new threads.

The 'Retro Remix' Jersey Recalls A 1991 Look, But With New Colors

The new alternative jersey will be worn for ten home games this season, and is a remake of the 1991 alternative jersey meant to honor the 1928 Detroit Cougars.

Those were lovingly referred to as the 'barber pole jerseys' and got equal amounts of hate, while selling well. See the dilemma?

The 'Bad Part' Is The Black Trim, Making Them Look Like The Blackhawks

The new twist on the jersey is that is trimmed in black in addition to the traditional red and white of the Wings. This is the first time in team history they've worn colors other than red and white.

Courtesy Detroit Red Wings
Courtesy Detroit Red Wings

The addition of the black trim makes the jersey look dangerously similar to the Blackhawks Retro look.


Look, kids, the idea here is to sell this look to the fans, and I think they're going to eat this look up. As a matter of fact, I may buy one. But that doesn't mean the haters aren't going to hate. It's the reason Twitter exists.

Here's one sports commentator, Neal Ruhl, who echoes my sentiments by asking 'why does everyone lose their mind over jerseys?'

As Terry Foster responds, it's because the traditional Red Wings look is so clean and iconic, that anything else freaks people out. It would be the equivalent of the Yankees not wearing pinstripes at home, I guess.

The University of Michigan got equal hatred expressed toward their new blue pants which debuted last season. But once they whipped Ohio State while wearing them, the fear and loathing went away.

Maybe if the Wings win the Cup wearing them, all will be forgiven.

Check out some dripping hatred, and in return those people receiving mocking from others who don't view a new jersey as an evil thing.

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