Do you love Ryan Reynolds?  Do you love his 2003 classic, Foolproof?  If you answered no to either of these questions you will hate Mint Mobile +, the free streaming service that only streams one movie...  Foolproof.

Reynolds launched the platform on August 12th and it appears it will soon be shut down because it was a very poor investment by all parties involved.  But...

If you do enjoy Ryan Reynolds and Foolproof, then you will absolutely love this new free streaming service.  I for one cannot wait to check out everything that Mint Mobile + has to offer.

Will I watch Foolproof?  Or maybe I'll dive into the Top 10 in the US and check out Foolproof or Foolproof.  And then when I'm done checking those out I might watch one of their "Original Originals" like Foolproof or Foolproof.

Mint Mobile + literally has pages of movies to offer and they're all Foolproof.  Check it out for yourself!

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