Everyone loves to be in on a secret. Whether it's the latest gossip from your friends or the best way to get home to avoid the messy traffic on 96, we will hold on to these little moments of having the upper hand as long as we can.

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And the idea of having a secret place to enjoy a treat isn't exactly new. Speakeasys helped folks drink alcohol during the prohibition, but just because alcohol is legal now doesn't mean you won't find one here and there still in existence just for the fun of it.

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But what about a secret bakery?

Midnite Patisserie is an anomaly. Most businesses want you to come visit them, they have hours, and they advertise online in hopes you'll make them a part of your daily routine. But, not this little Instagram based sweet treat hot spot.

They have a constantly evolving menu that drops online, and they take pre-orders the Wednesday before the menu comes out. You're encouraged to pre-order whatever sounds best quickly, because they sell out every single time.

And honestly, it's easy to see why.

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Are you not drooling yet?

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And they don't just offer instagramable foods for you to try your best to get like an NFT, they also offer classes.

Coming up on February 25th, they will be offering you the chance to learn how to make some of these amazing treats if you can't get them before they sell out. According to their website, your ticket includes entry for two, as well as a criollo chocolate tasting, one slice of chocolate bomb cake and 9 bonbons (flavors like passion fruit, mango, coconut, caramel) that you will make during the class.

So maybe it's time to get in on the secret before everyone else finds it first.

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