UPDATE: Turns out it wasn't aliens, and it also wasn't a part of the Orionid Meteor Shower, it was actually the remnants of a Russian satellite re-entering the atmosphere, according to WOOD-TV8.

ORIGINAL STORY: Wow. That seemed awful close. And a lot of people saw it. Are we being invaded by aliens?


It was just part of the Orionid Meteor Shower which was visible on a crystal clear night in Grand Rapids.

But if you were startled by it, don't feel alone, a lot of people seemed concerned.

A friend of the show caught this video from their yard.

It was clearly visible from vantage points around West Michigan, with people posting photos and videos all over social media.

Some of the comments which popped up on the Grand Rapids subreddit seemed both enthralled and concerned.

I totally saw it, about 12:37am just over the intersection of Diamond and Cherry in East Hills. I had no idea what I was looking at and was too stunned to reach for my phone before it disappeared behind Spike & Mike's. I was with a friend and we both joked that it could have been anything from aliens to a nuclear missile to a satellite dropping out of the sky. Definitely had a trail of something seeming to be on fire. Pretty damn vibrant.

WOOD-TV meteorologist Emily Schuitema posted on Twitter that folks might want to check their doorbell cameras to see if they got a shot of it, linking to an article which reported that over 80 people had inquired about the fireball.

But then again, maybe it was just Pitbull, encouraging people to do shots again. God, I hate that guy. I'll bet he doesn't even like to party in real life. I'm surprised he didn't mention his area code.

At any rate, the Orionid showers will continue to be in the southeast sky through November 7, weather permitting, of course. In other words, not tonight.


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