After MOO-ville Creamery posted on Facebook that six for their baby goats had been stolen and the post was shared over 12,000 times, 2 teenagers maybe three brought the six baby goats back to the farm late Monday afternoon.

Between the police investigation and the viral sharing of the post, one of the parents of the boys who took the goats saw a picture posted on someone else’s feed and realized that they were involved. According to MLive, working with police the three teens along with their parents and police, brought the six goats back.

MLive says that Lindsey Westendorp and her family care for the goats that are part of the petting zoo at MOO-ville Farms and Creamery, and they hand-feed the young goats. She also says her two kids ages 2 and 7 years old, who help her care for them, and were quite excited when the goats were returned.

As for the three teens who took the goats, the farm isn’t going to press charges, but all involved agreed that the teens needed to atone for their misdeed. This summer, the three teens will be working around the farm to make up for what they did.

Lindsey told MLive that they wouldn’t be doing fun stuff like taking care of goats, but more of the “character-building” kind of work.

Lindsey was adamant on not letting them off the hook, but help them make a real change in their life. She told MLive,

I do feel strongly that if we’re going to help make a change in their lives that they need to see my face and see my children’s faces and get to know who we are. I think that’s the best way that we’re going to make a lasting impact on these kids’ lives.

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