The Michigan Secretary of State's office unveiled a new video to highlight its ExpressSoS services at the International Auto Show in Detroit.

It features a Kangaroo and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and looks like it was produced by a class of seventh graders. Needless to say, the internet has not been kind to it.

In the 90 second video, a kangaroo named KangaRuth goes on adventures with Ruth johnson to extoll the virtues of the ExpressSoS online registration service.

Among the highlights are KangaRuth's animated head engaging Johnson in a kind of rap cadence, with KangaRuth sailing under the Mackinac Bridge via really bad photoshop, and the duo going out on a motorcycle ride together.

And then the kangoroo playfully bites our esteemed SoS on the neck.

The internet has not been kind in its reaction to the promotional video.

Some of the toughest responses to the video have come on the Grand Rapids subreddit , where the appearance of the kangaroo have left many mystified.

A New Yorker named wookietennis wondered, "Can someone explain the kangaroo? Also, what kinds of services does one use ExpressSOS for?"

To which totalbangover responded, "I have lived in Grand Rapids since I was 4 and am also looking for an explanation for the kangaroo."

GRChelsea thought for a moment that the video wasn't real, "I was REALLY hoping that was fake."

Moerockchalk was embarassed for our state, "Holy s***. How does this get the approval for public use? I am sure money was spent on this, meetings were scheduled, photoshoots happened... for this? Seriously? I couldn't even watch the whole thing I'm so embarrassed."

On the YouTube site itself, people were evn less kind, with BillTheDullard sarcastically awating the awards the video will pull down, "WOW! What an amazing audio/visual experience! We'll be seeing her at the Emmy's AND the Grammy's! ZING! I can not get this sick beat our of my head!"

While many questioned how much was pulled out of the state's coffers to produce it, a little or a lot? Many weighed in that wither way, it was a big waste of money.

Or was it? The goofier the better is what I always say, and if you can't figure out if it's a spoof or not, it must be working, right?

Take a look for yourself.


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