‘Supergirl’ TV Series Confirmed in Development from ‘Arrow’ Producer, with New Title and Story?
The other day we nodded in approval at the rumor of a potential 'Supergirl' TV series to bolster both DC's presence on television and the need for more female-led superhero properties, though few details were available. Now, sources confirm the project in development under 'Arrow' producer Greg Berlanti, though the series may end up with a new title, and new take on the character altogether.
Have Comics Changed Too Much to Match Their Movie Adaptations?
Believe it or not, there was a time when Iron Man was a C-list superhero who no one outside of a small niche particularly cared about. And then Robert Downey Jr. was cast in 'Iron Man' and the Marvel cinematic universe exploded, instantly becoming one of the definitive franchises of the 21st century...
Comic-Con 2014: WB Slots ‘Arrow’ Season 3,’ ‘Gotham,’ ‘Flash’ and ‘Constantine’ for Saturday
Comic fans, the time is upon us once again. That's right, Comic-Con 2014 approaches, and this year Warner Bros. and DC have more than risen to the TV challenge, with not one, but four series to show off on Saturday! Find out what we'll see from 'Arrow' season 3, along with spinoff 'The Flash,' NBC's 'Constantine,' and FOX's hotly-anticipated 'Gotham' at the big San Diego show!
‘Arrow’ Adds Another Batman Villain: Who’s Ready for Firefly?
Earlier today we heard from the producers of The CW's superhero hit  'Arrow' about the possibility of larger DC characters appearing on the the show, as well as the wealth of DC universe elements that subtly make their way into the series.  And while we may not see Batman pop up in Starling City any time soon, the show certainly doesn't mind plucking from his rogues gallery!  Guess what arrowed av