dairy queen

A Sign of Spring: Dairy Queen is Open!
Every year about this time I wait to see some signs that spring is around the corner. Things like seeing the first robin, "springing forward" with our clocks, and of course the opening of our local Dairy Queens.
Happy Spring! Get Free Ice Cream at Dairy Queen Wednesday
Wednesday, March 20, is officially the first day of spring and Dairy Queen is celebrating with free ice cream.
At participating (non-mall) locations, customers will be treated to a free, small, soft-serve vanilla cone.
If you’re happy and you know it, Free Cone Day is Wednesday, March …
Dairy Queen Robbed by Man With Sword
On Tuesday evening, officers responded to a Dairy Queen in Port Huron, where an unknown man stole cash from the register. Most robberies are committed with guns, but this man used, of all things, a sword.
It’s National Ice Cream Day!
How are you celebrating? Im having a big bowl of Cookies n Cream...and then getting a shake later! I'm so glad it's not so hot...having all that dairy on my stomach when it's 100? Not good! But it's cooled off, and here we are! It's National Ice Cream day! The Third Sunday o…
WFGR Retrovision! Dairy Queen Commercial 1986
It's another WFGR Retrovision video! The year was 1986, Mr. Mister was on top of the pop charts with the haunting "Kyrie", The New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series and keep the Beantowners down, and Dairy Queen was selling the farm!