UPDATE: Kidnapping Scheme was a Prank
Yesterday, we told you about a possible kidnapping scheme around Michigan, but turns out it was a prank this entire time.
A teenage girl, from the Flint area, posted a picture on Facebook earlier this week of a shirt tied around her windshield wipers warning people that this was a way for kidnappers …
The Blind Painter Prank
Now, this is a prank video I can really get behind. People go to get a portrait made, only the artist is supposedly blind. Their look at shock at the near photographic results of their drawing is phenomenal.
Bedroom Covered In Wrapping Paper [VIDEO]
For someone who notoriously hates Christmas and has just travelled 30 hours from Sydney... Happy Christmas Gareth Neary
Posted by John French on Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Hopefully this prank changed this grinch's outlook on Christmas...