West Michigan Wedding Couple Falls Into Lake [VIDEO]
Well, looks like they are going to take the "Plunge" - Let's toast the married couple - in the drink.
The entire wedding party fell into Gun Lake on Saturday, after the dock on which they were having photos taken gave way - at lest they were all laughing.
No one was hurt either,…
Man Marries His Girlfriend at Her Funeral
A man really represented the phrase "better late than never"  last week when he married his girlfriend... who had already passed away.  Thai man, Chadil Deffy,  held a combination funeral and wedding for his longtime girlfriend, Sarinya "Anne" …
Bride Texts While Getting Married [VIDEO]
WOW, this is really crazy.  Okay, I'm not a fan of weddings, I'm not even that big of a fan of traditions, but really, PUT THE CELL PHONE AWAY! Check out Groom as he is mortified, but can't say anything.   PUT THE CELL PHONE AWAY PEOPLE...

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