The temp is going to hit the 90s this weekend, and that means we'll begin our summer treks to the beach. Why not get busy knocking items off this season's West Michigan Lakeshore Bucket List?

  1. Visit every beach in Ottawa and Muskegon Counties. A quick moving person can knock this out in a day. Some of these beaches are vastly underrated.
  2. Spend a day at Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park. The water area has been updated, and the Thunderhawk has been fixed, now go get your thrill on.
  3. Spend a rainy day in Muskegon's quaint Bluffton neighborhood. You can hit the Harbor Theater, and then eat and knock back a few at the Marine Tap Room. Then, when the sun comes back, round the curve on Lakeshore Drive and hit the beach.
  4. Go blueberry picking at Reender's or one of a berry load of other farms that let you pick your own pecks of succulent, great tasting berries and other fresh produce.
  5. Get take out at either Mr. Scrib's or Fricano's. Ain't no pizza like some lakeshore pizza, and both of these unique locations offer up some high quality pies. The original Fricano's is still in a house on Fulton Street.
  6. Visit a local Farmer's Market. I know it's going to be hard to top GR's famous Fulton Street Farmer's Market, but the Lakeshore has three to visit in the Grand Haven/Muskegon corridor, and Holland's is one of the best in the state. 
  7. Stop by and see what a submariner's life was like in World War II at the USS SIlversides in downtown Muskegon. Hint: It was claustrophobic, but very interesting.
  8. Watch the sunset from the Grand Haven Pier, and then catch the light show at the Musical Fountain. Sure, it's cliche, but so is Pronto Pup, and you have no problem scarfing those down.
  9. Take in a stock car or sprint car race at Thunderbird Raceway. No one goes at it harder than these guys trying to get to the next level of racing.
  10. Go to a Party In The Park at Muskegon's historic Hackley Park. Every Friday in the summer, Muskegon rolls out the barrels and has a laid back shindig in the park. All benefiting local charities. Hackley also hosts the Lakeshore Art Festival later in July.
  11. Ride a Dune Buggy through the dunes at Silver Lake. This what dune buggies were made for, fast, harrowing rides up and down the giant between Silver Lake and lake Michigan. A must check off!
  12. Sit around a Lake Michigan bonfire and swap stories. It helps if you know someone who has some private land, as many public beaches don't allow beach fires. Some cities, like Ludington, host public bonfires at various times.
  13. Bike the Lakeshore Trail between Grand Haven and Holland. Flat and well paved, this trail is perfect for beginners, and families looking for a day excursion.
  14. Rave the night away at the Electric Forest. The Rothbury electronic music festival is famous the world over, and this year has expanded to two weekends, June 22 and 29. There is no age limit for dancing.
  15. Tip back a pint at the Tip A Few. Seriously, you've never been to the Tip A Few in Grand Haven? What the hell is the matter with you? Have a burrito and chill, my brother.
  16. Visit the Maritime Museum at the White River Lighthouse. Read about some of the classic shipwrecks on Lake Michigan, and if I'm not mistaken, they have newspaper accounts of surfers riding the giant waves on the Lake the same November day that the Edmund Fitzgerald went down.
  17. Well, that should get you started. I'm sure I missed something, so make sure you let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page. 

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