Did you happen to hear about the #broomchallenge or in real speak, the broom challenge?

According to social media posts, I haven't found the original post, but something about February 10th, a Monday, the earth was on a perfect tilt per NASA and your broom would stand up on its own, for this one day in time.

Here's the thing, numerous scientists, meteorologists, and just random others have noted that the earth hasn't changed its tilt and probably won't for a very long time.  I like in the WZZM article they quoted THV11 Meteorologist Nathan Scott,

"Mercury is not in retrograde and the tilt of the Earth has not changed and probably won't anytime soon."

Still, that didn't stop thousands of people from posting their #broomchallenge.

Even though some witnessing the phenom weren't impressed, like this guys mom,

The caption on this tweet asks a great question, hasn't anyone tried to stand their broom up?

The answer is no, not really... who has time to just stand their broom?  As the boss says, "If you have time to be trying to stand your broom up on its own, you have time to use that broom to sweep".  Or if it's my house, I've never tried it, because I don't know where my broom is.  Just kidding, it's in my trunk for snow removal.

BTW, this is the original #BroomChallenge

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