The excitement can be felt all over West Michigan as the big construction project has been completed. That's right, the thorn in everyone's side has been removed during your morning commute because the Eastbound I-196 bridge over the Grand River is finally open.

After what seemed like an eternity of construction, the job is finally done and cars are now allowed back on the bridge.  The construction started earlier this year and was supposed to be finished by mid-summer, but the workers found additional damage on the bridge that caused the delay in completion.

The construction was for "replacing the bridge deck on eastbound I-196 over the Grand River" as per the Michigan Department of Transportation. And on Wednesday evening, construction workers removed the barricades and cones from the bridge, and traffic was allowed on the freeway.

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So, now you don't have to waste time on a detour or stuck in a traffic jam because of the construction. That means the extra five minutes you will save now can be used for something productive like getting a pumpkin spice something or staring at your phone.

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