It's Michigan so we know accumulating snow, the kind that sticks to the road, is coming, and now they say it's tonight. Yeah? They said that last week.

If you clicked on this page just because it said 'snow' in the title, well, that's your fault.

The thing is, if you've grown up in Michigan, early November snow is nothing newsworthy.

So why do the local weather forecasters keep rolling out the 'S' word as if it's a threat?

As part of my job, I check the National Weather Service forecast every morning, and never this late autumn, have they mentioned any accumulating snow. Slush? yes. Snow? Nada.

But the TV weather guys toss the word around willy nilly. Why? Because it generates web hits, which is what I'm trying to do here. The word 'snow' is click bait, whether it comes or not.

The battle is on. Join us tomorrow to find out who wins.

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