Start your day with laugh.  Today's lineup includes:

Gary Gulman

It only took two years of relentless pursuit of stage time for Gary Gulman to finally feel comfortable enough to give up his cushy accounting job and become a full time standup comedian. Of course he did have to take on a part time job at Starbucks so he could pay the bills, but it was still a pretty big step. An even larger step in his career came recently when he finished third on NBC’s comedy reality show "Last Comic Standing." First, Gulman won his way onto the show by beating out hundreds of other comedians from across the country, then he eliminated seven other houseguests to secure a spot on the final episode and go head to head with Alonzo Bodden and the eventual winner, John Heffron. Gulman has appeared on both "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night with David Letterman," he played football for Boston College, and is a huge fan of Oreo cookies.

Dwight Slade

Right & Raunch

Dwight Slade isn't just a comedian, he's also the voice of the little man, sticking it to 'the man' and scoring a little payback for all of life's daily humiliations. Slade began his comedy crusade in Portland, working with the legendary Bill Hicks, but has since made a name for himself headlining comedy clubs, hosting his own radio show and releasing a number of comedy albums, including his new double DVD, Right & Raunch.

FACTOID - Dwight Slade traveled from show to show with his family in an RV for four years when he began his comedy career.

James P. Connolly

The Master Plan

James P. Connolly is a Harvard graduate and former Marine Corps Infantry Office but somehow ended up as a standup comedian. For some, that might be considered a step down, but you wouldn’t think that after looking at his resume. Connolly has been featured on Comedy Central, HBO, SiTV, UPN and hosts the show Movie Obsessions on VH1. He’s been a finalist in a number of top comedy competitions such as Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star andLaugh Riots, plus he’s got a great voice, which you can hear on his new CD, The Master Plan.