Good Ol GR! Most of us love living here, but here are some facts you may... or may not know of about our beloved town of Grand Rapids, MI!

5) We Made Cars Here! That's Right! From 1901-1921 the Austin Motor Company was located here! Take that Motor City!

4) At One Point, Grand Rapids had the premiere Street Car System in All of United States. You could get from one end of the city to the other on State of the Art Street Cars. If you look closely on some streets, you can still see the tracks buried below some roadways. Now we have the Rapid! :P

3) Grand Rapids Was the First City to Ever Put Flouride in the Water in 1945. That's why we all have such great smiles! The "new" flouride Monument next to the JW is that big Blue Thing!

2) When Grand Rapids Was Founded as a City, it had whopping population of 2,563 poeple! It's a grown a bit since!

1) The "Grand Rapids" in the Grand River are FAKE! That's right, in the late 1800's the leveled the rapids as they were trying to ship logs and ships up and down the grand river. Once that ended, Grand Rapids was without Rapids! Thankfully, in the 1920's and 30's, They Put them back... Well, put something back in that resembles "Rapids" Even notice how they go straight across? That's why, we put them there!

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