Seeing as this weekend the 5/3'd Riverbank run , though might be a good time to share a Runner's World magazine has a new book called "Run Your Butt Off" for brand new runners who are looking to drop pounds. They say running can't do it alone, but if you follow these rules, you can shed dozens of pounds in 3-months.   Agree?

1) Take really good notes

Right down everything you eat. Studies prove that people who log their food intake regularly keep more weight off than those who don't take notes.

2) Beef up your protein intake

Runners need a half gram of protein per pound of weight every day. Protein keeps you fuller longer preventing you from overeating.

3) Add color to every meal

Pack your diet with fruits and veggies.

4) Stop grazing!

Eating six or seven small meals a day will keep the appetite switch in the "on" position constantly. Divide your calories around three meals and one or two snacks.

5) Always have a plan

You can whack a lot of calories by creating a menu and making a real meal plan

6) Slow down!

Wolfing down a meal can lead to overeating. Did you know it takes 15 to 20 minutes for nerve endings in the gut to send a signal to the brain that says "I'm full"? A study proved that people who eat quickly are three times more likely to be overweight.

Now I suppose this applies for runners, or non-runners as well too.  Looks like the basic advice that Mom gave us may have been right.