As you enjoy summer road trips and exploring Michigan and the Midwest, remember to budget a little extra if you plan to use a hotel in Traverse City. Michigan is home to four of the top five most expensive Midwest cities for summertime hotel rooms with Traverse City leading the way. says Traverse City is home to the most expensive hotels in the Midwest based on the average minimum price travelers will have to spend at the cheapest available double room during the months of July and August 2017. The survey only considers centrally located hotels with a rating of at least three stars.

The survey is looking at a very specific type of room and time. I'm sure there are many bargains to be found if you are more flexible, but it's still interesting analysis for anyone considering booking a hotel room this summer.

Here's the complete top ten:

1. Traverse City, MI $221
2. Lake Geneva, WI $207
3. Marquette, MI $194
4. Ann Arbor, MI $192
5. South Haven, MI $184
6. Madison, WI $182
7. Chicago, IL $176
8. Deadwood, SD $174
9. Des Moines, IA $173
10. Detroit Lakes, MN $172

There are a few surprises, but it's not surprising to see Traverse City on the list. This year, Traverse City has been named "One of America's Top 50 Summer Hot Spots" and the fourth-best beach town in the country despite ranking 139th in affordability.

Traverse City isn't cheap, but it is an excellent summer destination.

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