U2's Innocence and Experience Tour has been selling out across North America. The one thing that remains constant as the band travels from city to city is their commitment to involving their fans.

This week in Toronto, a fan named Stephanie played rhythm guitar for the song 'Angel In Harlem'. Bono explains why the band makes it personal for some fans.

Talk about a dream come true! During a stop in Toronto, U2 pulled up a young fan to play with them on stage. The young lady in question, Stephanie van der Linde, joined them on “Angel of Harlem” with an acoustic guitar - but didn't stop there. She told Bono she wanted to play “All I Want is You” and proved she knew the chords. The band happily complied.

This isn't a new thing, of course - U2 often brings their fans, even tribute bands, up on stage to play. Still, watchers say this tour seems to have more fan performances than prior tours. What gives? Bono thinks it builds the band's relationship with the audience.

He tells Rolling Stone, "What was at the heart of punk rock for us was the desire to communicate on an equal basis with your audience."

Check out fan shot footage of Stephanie's joyous time on the U2 stage.


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