If you were in a store over the weekend around West Michigan, you probably couldn't find a Twinkie or an Apple Pie on the shelf. I know I couldn't. All I found were leftover orange flavored cupcakes from Halloween and mini muffins. Kinda sad. Can't wait for a new shipment to come in after all the fervor dies down. Or there is always EBay...where boxes of Twinkies were selling for $200. Little Debbies' Swiss Cake Rolls anybody?

In other news, word is coming out the the Twinkie name and recipe will more than likely live on after Hostess' bankruptcy. This story "Twinkies may survive the Hostess company's bankruptcy"

"Hostess has said it's received inquiries about buying parts of the company. But spokesman Lance Ignon would not comment on analysts' reports that Thomasville, Ga.-based Flowers Foods Inc. and private equity food investment firm Metropoulos & Co. are likely suitors. Metropoulos owns Pabst Brewing Co., while Flowers Foods makes Nature's Own bread, Tastykake treats and other baked goods. Messages were left for spokesmen for both companies on Sunday.

Little will be decided at Monday afternoon's hearing before Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain. The judge eventually will appoint a company that specializes in liquidation to sell the assets, and the sale probably will take six months to a year to complete."

Mmmmm...diabetic coma!