There were two moments in Michigan State great Kirk Gibson's life that were narrated to perfection by Vin Scully.

All-Time Great Baseball Announcer Vin Scully Passed Away Tuesday At The Age of 94

Scully was the quintessential play-by-play man, a gifted story teller, who brought to life classic baseball moments. Two of those involved one of the most clutch athlete ever to emerge from our state, Kirk Gibson.

The first moment that Scully and Gibson crossed paths was in the fifth inning of game five of the 1984 World Series in Detroit. Gibby, then a Tiger, was due up to face the San Diego Padres ace reliever Goose Gossage, who was trying to keep his team close in a game the Tigers led, 5-4 in the bottom of the eighth.

Gibson was due up with two runners on and two out, when the Padres manager, Dick Williams, walked out to tell Gossage to walk Gibby, since he had homered earlier in the game. Gossage refused.

"You know, it's interesting: Kirk Gibson made his major-league debut, his very first at-bat in the big leagues against Goose Gossage. That's a great way to break in. And Gossage struck him out on three pitches," Scully said.

"Blew him away, Sparky says," Scully's broadcast partner Joe Garagiola Sr. said.

"And maybe because of that, Gossage is saying, 'I can get him.' So we'll see," Scully said.

And this is what we saw:

The Scene Repeats Itself In 1988 In Los Angeles

Four years later, Gibson was with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and came to bat as a pinch hitter with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning with two on and two out of game one of the 1988 World Series against Oakland. Gibby, with injuries to both legs literally limped up to face the best pitcher in baseball at the time, Dennis Eckersley.

And once again, we turn it over to Vin...who drew out all the drama you could from a moment that was sports broadcast gold in the making.

Gibby Tweeted His Respect After Learning Of Scully's Passing

Gibson, now an announcer for the Tigers, tweeted last night that his second favorite Scully moment was "in case you're wondering....Will Clark(e) is due up...................................7th....this inning"

I'm not sure what he is referring to by the quote other than I know Clark was a power hitting first baseman for the San Francisco Giants in 1988.

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