A Detroit area man came mere inches away from losing his life Monday when a distracted driver just missed him, clipped his tow truck and flipped over.

The driver of this SUV could become the poster boy for distracted driving. While fiddling with his radio, the man almost hit a tow truck driver who was hooking up a stalled vehicle, clipped the tow truck and flipped over near Rochester Hills Monday afternoon.

Miraculously, the man suffered no injuries ion the flip over accident, which occurred during evening rush hour.

Dawson Voorhis, the lucky tow truck driver who was millimeters from being struck told WXYZ News, "I just remember the sound. When I looked and saw the car rolling. It looked like it was in slow motion."

Voorhis wants to remind everyone to slow down and move over.

"If you see a tow truck, a firefighter, police, EMS. it's the law in Michigan. It's to protect everyone. We all have families to get home to."

Amen, brother.



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