A grant from Gun Lake Casino. For all the problems people feel casinos can cause--crime, gambling addiction, etc--here's where casinos can help improve the quality of life for people in the areas they serve. Our broadcast partners at WZZM TV 13 report "In the past for a high school sporting event, an adult ticket price would be $5 and $3 for students K-12. Athletic Passes would cost $155 for a family or $85 for an adult." Now thanks to the GLC, it's all free!

Residents who want to go to Wayland events will have to have a school pass and wear school colors to an event for the free admission! The passes will be able to be picked up at the school, city hall, Daily Brews, Vibrant Grains, Wayland Hotel, McDuff's, Ucellos, Northern Physical Therapy, United Bank-Wayland, Reno Agency, Colonial Kitchen, Dick's Market, and B.C. Pizza in Dorr.

Pretty cool if you ask me...:) Thanks Gun Lake Casino!