The Kalamazoo Growlers were all set to become the 'Mac Daddies' this Father's Day. CoVid-19 will delay that, but the uniforms are stunning!

The Growlers, who play in the collegiate Northwoods League, were set to debut their golden yellow 'Mac Daddy' uniforms on Father's Day, but the promotion has been put on hold until later this summer due to the pandemic.

The Growlers were doing the name change to honor 'dad's favorite side dish' and to help promote the Michigan’s Undeniably Dairy Mac and Cheese Festival that is still slated to be hosted at Homer Stryker Field for the second year in the fall.

This is the first and only time a sports organization has themed itself after macaroni and cheese.

Growlers Managing Member, Brian Colopy stated, “We saw this as a perfect marriage between dad and America’s favorite side dish. After realizing the overwhelming amount of love for mac & cheese after hosting the festival last year, we wanted to do something fun for our fans. We are thrilled to partner with Undeniably Dairy for this fun promo that will also support local fathers in our community.”

You can purchase Mac Daddies gear at the Growlers web site.

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