The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show charity "Idiots for Underdogs" has presented a West Michigan woman in need a check for $10,000. Experience that moment here.

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The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show

FBHWs Show Stage Photo
FBHWs Show Stage Photo

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show has been on the air in West Michigan going on 20 years. Not long after entering the Grand Rapids market, the show soon became number one with men and has grown to become the number one show with men and women for several years now.

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show has grown into syndication over the years so even though the show comes out of Grand Rapids, it is heard in over 50 markets across the United States. There have been a few staff members come and go but the core members of the show Free Beer (Gregg Daniels) and Hot Wings (Chris Michaels) have remained the same.

Idiots For Underdogs

Idiots for Underdogs is a charity that was created by the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show but it got its start from an event called "Holiday Break-ins." The Holiday Break-ins started when the show wanted to help a family on hard times around Christmas in hopes of lifting that family up and making sure they had a holiday to share with one another. This event consists of people in the community nominating a family they believe deserves the help. The real beauty of the Holiday Break-ins is the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show remain anonymous. They get someone to get them in the house and then they leave Christmas behind, hence the name Holiday Break-ins.

The Holiday Break-ins have grown from helping one family in West Michigan to 7 families and continue to grow. Money is raised from money collected from FBHWs subscribers on their website, portions of their merchandise sales, donations from fans, and big donations from people like Serra Honda Grandville. The generosity of the FBHWs Show has grown to want to help people all year long and that is when the show created Idiots for Underdogs and made it an official charity. The charity helps several families in West Michigan but also reaches out a helping hand to nominators from some of the other markets the show is syndicated in. There is nothing better in the world of radio than to help someone in need. This is more important to the FBHWs Show than anything that they do but they couldn't do it without the help of their fans and sponsors so if you are one of them...THANK YOU!

Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Donate $10,000 to a West Michigan Woman in Need

Thanks to all the support from the people who made the donations to the Idiots for Underdogs charity, and to all those who nominated those in need, this morning the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show was able to make a $10,000 donation to be given to a woman going through treatment for cancer in her eye. She is a very positive single mother of two young daughters but because of the intense treatment, she will not be able to work. Rather than tell you everything about this incredible moment, click the play button below and witness this wonderful moment for yourself.

If you would like to learn more details on this Idiots for Underdogs donation click here. If you would like to become an Idiot for Underdogs click here. If you would like to nominate someone you think could use a helping hand click here. If you would like to make a one-time donation to Idiots for Underdogs click here. If you would like to hear other Idiots for Underdogs recipients and their stories click here.

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