I hope you got out and enjoyed that 60 degree weather we were gifted last weekend, because Old Man Winter is about to return, and he's not happy.

The toughest thing about a January thaw like we just had is the return to reality. 60 degrees in January is a fluke, but it makes you think for a brief moment it's April and we don't have much longer to suffer. The reality is we have a good nine or ten weeks of winter weather to endure, and it returns this weekend with lake effect snow in the forecast.

The 40 degree temps will keep the snow from arriving until Wednesday night. According to WZZM-13, the lake effect snow machine will get cranked up again, dumping more than six inches of snow on Grand Rapids through early next week. The immediate Lakeshore area (Holland and Muskegon) will get closer to ten inches before things wind down.

The line between of lake effect snow will end just east of Grand Rapids, which means some communities north and east of the city like Belding may not get as much.

The winds fueling the lake effect will kick in early Thursday morning, so look for a squirrely commute. The cold temperatures accompanying the blast will stay with us through the weekend, and possibly into early next week.

WOOD-TV8 shows the National Weather Service map giving us about a 60 percent chance of getting over 2 inches of snow through Friday.

Thankfully, we still have the winter gear out and ready to go.


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