The NBA is returning soon on July 30th and sadly without the Detroit Pistons because they were not in playoff position.

While the players are now practicing at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex by Walt Disney World close to Orlando, FL. Upon their return the NBA players will have the option of wearing a message or personalized statement from a approved list of social justice messages.

Players like LeBron James of the LA Lakers have chosen not to wear one. It turns out 'EQUALITY" was the most popular one that we'll see when the NBA returns.

Close to 300 of the 350 NBA players who are eligible have picked one out. Nice to see the NBA let their players express messages and will only be on display for the first four days of the NBA season resuming. The players who opt to display a message will only get to keep one of the jerseys and sadly they won't be on sale. But there is a way around that - you can customize any jersey and number on sellers like or In fact one shown in this article will only set you back $99.99. And they may be on sale since the Detroit Pistons are not playing again until next year.

The jerseys from game one with the social messaging will be auctioned off for charity. And some other good news - the eight teams not playing can also have some of these personalized jerseys made, too.

Some of the other approved messages include: Black Lives Matter; I Can't Breathe; Freedom; See Us; Justice; Peace; Mentor; Love Us; Stand Up; Education; Vote; Listen and a lot more.

My own message "Are you practicing SAFE SIX? I would put on a shirt right now would be the name "SAFE" and the #6 to remind everyone to stay 6 feet apart. That's not a social justice message as important as the NBA players, but a reminder to stay safe and practice social distancing amid the spike in COVID-19 cases around the state.

Are your practicing "SAFE SIX" remember to practice CDC Guidelines of staying 6 feet apart.
Are your practicing "SAFE SIX" remember to practice CDC Guidelines of staying 6 feet apart.
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