There is a list out on specialty list site "Thrillist" that ranks all the States based on their food and drink. It's a pretty harsh list, that Michigan does really well on.

Lets face it, Michigan is pretty awesome. Sure we have a big city that's basically dead, and have had our economy/jobs issues over the past few years, but we also have some great stuff, too. The Red Wings and Tigers, the Great Lakes, cars, and all our food. Cherries, blueberries, coney dogs, polish food, deep dish pizza and all the great Michigan beer.

That's what propels the Great Lake State as the 20th state on the "EVERY STATE IN THE USA, RANKED BY ITS FOOD/DRINK" list. The story says this about Michigan.

"20. Michigan
It's weirdly the original home of the coney hot dog, which always confuses the hell out of everyone else. Also, if you’re up above the Mitten, try their pasties (the meat pies, not the stripper nipple covers). Detroit-style pizza actually manages to be quite distinct and delectable while living in the shadow of another Midwestern style. Additional points (well, this isn’t really point-based, so… “points”) for its farmer’s market cred (Michigan cherries, morel mushrooms, and the like) and for being on the short list of the best beer states in the country on the strength of outfits like Bell’s, Founders, and Kuhnhenn."

Way to go us! People like us...they really like us! Unlike what they said about South Dakota.

"50. South Dakota
When you Google "South Dakota and food", an image of a hungry child crying comes up, and then the computer goes black."

Wow...well...glad we are here! Go Mitten State!

Eric Tadsen/ThinkStock