"Hey Michigan". insert wave. "Governor Gretchen Whitmer here". This how Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer begins her latest greeting to the state.

Whitmer went to TikTok to inform constituents about her husband Marc Mallory and her latest thoughts on Covid.  She said,

"Like many Michiganders over the past few weeks, my husband Marc tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday after feeling a little under the weather. And I just received my results from a PCR and I'm currently negative".


She went on to say that she knows the rise in cases has caused disruption for many Michigan families. She said she was thankful that everyone in her family was vaccinated and boosted and that they will be safe from a severe case.

She encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. She commented that this new variant is so contagious and the booster will keep many Michigander's out of the hospital.

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Whitmer thanked the hospital teams that are taking care of so many people.  She pushed the benefits of vaccinations and boosters stating it is the best way to protect yourself and family and ease the burden on our hospitals.

She commented that she is continuing to work with health professionals at the state and federal level to increase access to testing, secure additional life-saving treatments and always encouraging every Michigander to get vaccinated and boosted. Whitmer said to wear a secure mask like an N95.

She ended with this thought,

"I hope you and your families are staying stay and healthy in the new year. Please know, we will get through this together."

At the end of the video, you can see the governor reach over to stop recording. She may have been reading a script but this leads me to believe it was not "super-staged" with multiple assistants floating around. Does Michigan's governor know how to use TikTok?

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