I should be all internet edgy and secretive and tell you something like "It's not who you think it is" or "And it wasn't even close" to get you to click on to the rest of this story.

But maybe I have done that already. ;)

OF COURSE it's McDonalds, and it wasn't even close. From this Yahoo story "RANKED: The Best French Fries In America"

"McDonald's serves the best french fries in the nation, followed by Burger King and Five guys, according to a new survey from the research firm YouGov. McDonald's also won first place for best breakfast out of 30 fast food chains, the poll found.

But Chick-fil-A takes the crown for best fast food chain overall, followed by Arby's, Burger King, and Chipotle, respectively, the survey found. Most Americans say Subway is the healthiest chain, while New Yorkers say Chipotle is the healthiest."

McDonald's scored 34% to Five Guys at 15%. Not even close. Of course they are right.

Locally I'd throw Crack Fries from HopCat in the mix. But that's just me.


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