July 13 is National French Fry Day and you'd be crazy not to think that the fast food restaurant famously known for their fries wouldn't be celebrating.

McDonald's is giving everyone a chance to get free medium fries from them today. Their website states that in order to get your free fries you must place your order on their app and you'll be able to redeem it from there and choose your location. From there you can pick up your free salty and crispy fries from the drive-thru or curbside.

No other purchase is necessary to redeem this offer, but if you haven't dipped your fries into a vanilla shake yet, seize the day! I suggest you use your extra change to buy a shake and taste the sweet and salty combination.

But why only have one day to celebrate America's favorite side? Every Friday is FRYday at McDonald's. You can get a free medium fries every Friday when you make a minimum $1 purchase on their app. This deal lasts through September 27.

McDonald's isn't the only fast food joint hooking people up for Fry Day. USA Today also lists the following:

  • Burger King: $1 large fries on app order
  • Checkers & Rally's: Any size fries (S, M, or L) for $1
  • KFC: They recently got rid of their potato wedges for their new "secret recipe fries" so they're throwing it back to 1970 prices. With any purchase get a side of fries for only 30¢
  • Steak 'n Shake: Free small fries
  • Wendy's: $1 off large fries when you order on the app

I couldn't find anything on the history of National French Fry Day but do we really need a reason to spend a day indulging in the crispy goodness? So whether it's ketchup, ranch, bbq sauce, mayo, or a frosty you prefer to dip your fries in -- savor each bite.

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