Did you see the U of M buses in Downtown Grand Rapids on Friday?

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Wolverine Football coach Jim Harbaugh brought the team to Grand Rapids as part of their "Michigan Summer Tour"

What Is The Michigan Football Summer Tour?

Jim Harbaugh told WZZM why the team is doing the summer tour

We decided, the great state of Michigan in July, you know, everything you can think of to do outside, plus connecting with our fan base and it's the same team bonding that we get on any of those other trips. But doing it right here in our home state is really cool.


The Michigan Wolverines Are Traveling All Across Michigan On The Tour

If you see these buses there's a good chance the Wolverines are in your city. The white Indian Trail buses have tinted windows so it's hard to see inside but on the outside, there is no mistaking the 2021 Big 10 Champions logo, The "Our State" tour logo, and the Michigan football logo.

Where Did The Wolverines Visit When In Grand Rapids?

On Friday, July 22nd the Wolverines made a stop a The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Gerald R Ford was America's 28th President and played football at U of M back in 1932-1934. The team got to learn more about former President Ford.

Where Has The Michigan Football Been So Far?

Friday, July 22nd - The Gerald R. Ford Presidental Museum in Grand Rapids

Friday, July 22nd - The State Capital in Lansing

Thursday, July 21st - Carnival for kids in Flint

Thursday, July 21st - Carnival for kids in Flint

Thursday, July 21st - Zehnder's Famous Chicken Dinners in Frankenmuth

WATCH: Michigan Football Visits Grand Rapids

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