Another Michigan winter has ended (we think). A relief to some and a disappointment to others who will be eagerly awaiting the first flakes of snow next autumn. We took at look back at some of the best things about winter in Michigan 2018.

A natural wonder, take a look at ice crystals that formed over the winter.

Near Traverse City, this rare weather phenomenon occurred in Traverse Bay.

There was a crazy social media campaign to drive across a frozen Lake Michigan.

Take a look from high above at the ice cover of the Inland Seas.

Need a snow world record broken? Look no further than Houghton, Michigan.

Only in Michigan. This would never happen in Arizona.

Lighthouses are a popular summer tourist attraction, but have you seen their beauty in winter?

Here's another activity we generally think of during warmer months. Take a virtual tour of the Kal-Haven trail in winter.

You don't need science if you drive this highway with any regularity, particularly around Lawrence. We're looking at you, Exit 52.

Thanks to Old Man Winter, Michigan added a new bridge to Canada.

We would totally do this. Check out luge kayaking.

The greatest and winteriest of the Great Lakes struck early and often this winter.

Back when our winter was first beginning, we thought it was quaint to see a few flakes at the Kalamazoo Nature Center.

And then reality set in as we endured a winter nearly without end, including the coldest April in over 150 years.

BONUS VIDEO - Brookside Park in Otsego during the Winter of 2018

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