I have a list. Maybe you have heard of it. It's called Craigslist. OK not really, but its kind of funny to start with. Having said that, I have bought and sold many things on CL. Including furniture, my car, and computer. And while its been fine for something, I really haven't used Craigslist to make lots of life changing cash.

But I keep seeing stories like this one. "New Ways to Avoid Getting a Real Job" talks about newer sites than Craigslist to buy and sell and make money on.

"Britney Bedford gave up her fulltime job as an aesthetician to work in this new economy – and she makes more now than she did before. Her most consistent work is through TaskRabbit, an online classifieds for odd jobs. “I can make anywhere between 20 and 60 dollars an hour,” she says. “One time I was hired by someone to drive a Rolls-Roycefor their wedding. I had to pick up the car and drive them down the aisle…. I believe I got paid $200 for that.” But more often, tasks are mundane, like going to Costco for someone – she charges about $40 for that task, depending on how far out of her way she has to go."

Id maybe do that. Odd jobs for people to make some extra cash. You know, make calls for them to friends, or record their voice mail outgoing message for them. Or maybe for you. Hit me up if you want. I'll give you a discount because we are blog friends. :)


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