I wish I would have known about this as a kid!  You can write Santa and send the letter to Santa Claus, Indiana where elves will get the letter and have Santa write you back!!

According to their website, santaclausind.org, the post office in Santa Claus, Indiana has been the writing headquarters for St. Nick and his elves for the last 103 years.  It started with the 14th postmaster in 1914, deciding to answer kids who would write Santa and send the letter to Santa Claus, Indiana.

Last year, the post office received and answered 22,000 letter for Santa.  Letters are answered by volunteers through the non-profit organization Santa’s Elves Inc. and The Santa Claus Museum.

If your child wants to send a letter to Kris Kringle, you had better get on it.  For Santa and the elves to respond to your letter, they need your letter no later than December 21st.  (Yes, it’s free, other than the postage to get the letter to Santa.)

Santa Claus

P.O. Box 1

Santa Claus, IN 47579



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