NBC has a "new" show debuting in the fall called "Mockingbird Lane" TV trivia geeks like me will recognize that street name as the address for the 60's sitcom family "The Munsters". 1313 Mockingbird Lane, to be exact. The show is a 10's version of the classic TV family with Lily, Eddie, Grandpa, Marilyn, and of course, Herman. But, the $64,000 question is, who will be the new Herman Munster?

The original Herman was actor Fred Gwynne. His 6'5" frame and clunky appearance was perfect for the 60's Munster. for the 21st century, it's...

Jerry O'Connell?

Yep. Mr. Rebecca Romijn, of "Jerry McGuire" and "Stand By Me" fame, will play Herman. Hmmm...for some of the success he's had, Jerry has also been part of some other memorable shows like "The Defenders" (canceled after one season), "Do Not Disturb" (canceled after one season), and "Carpoolers" (canceled after one season). Ted McGinnley, come on down!

The new show debuts in September on Americas' Number 4 network, so if this show makes it to Halloween, I will be amazed. Here's a story about O'Connell from Yahoo. "Jerry O'Connell to Play Herman Munster"