Chick on a Bike

Tom was a long time gate guard at the Berlin Wall. Chick had a daily visa to go from East to West. Every day, Chick would pedal a bicycle up to the gate carrying a small brown paper bag. Every day, Tom would ask to look inside the bag and dump the contents on the ground. Every day, all that spilled was sand.   Every day, Tom would wave Chick through the gate, all the while wondering what he was up to.

A few years after the wall fell, Tom was in a brewhaus, sipping some lager when Chick walked in. Tom immediately went to Chick and asked if he remembered him. Chick nodded in assent. Tom told him, "All those years, I saw you pedal a bicycle up to my gate carrying your little paper bag filled with sand. I always suspected that you were smuggling something to the West, but I never caught you. As we are now reunified, I would love to know what you were smuggling all those times?" Chick answered, "Bicycles."

Submitted by Nick Sterio on the Bob and Tom Show
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