Cascade Bear Shows Up For Live TV Appearance
The bear roaming the woods in Cascade Township is apparently quite curious about the media attention his presence has caused.
During a live report on FOX 17 last night, the bear made an unscheduled appearance. Unfortunately, he didn't consent to an interview.
Have You Seen This Bearded Dragon in Ionia?
Ionia Police have issued an A.P.B. for a missing… bearded dragon!  His name is Lou and he’s somewhere in the area of Jones & Johnson in Ionia.  How will you know it’s Lou?  Well first, how many bearded dragons do you see walking the street?  ...
Dog Senses It’s Monday, Prevents Kid From Waking Up [Video]
You've heard of guard dogs and rescue dogs, but have you heard of the fabled sleep protector dog? It's apparently a new thing that could keep your kid in bed for weeks at a time.
Watch as a parent tries to get their kid up for school, only to be turned back by a husky that ain&apo…

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