This has been a rough winter for sure.

Lots of snow, cold and brutal. And while we are used to being in all these cool lists and showing civic pride (Best Place to Raise a Family and Beer City USA), here's a list we DON'T like being on.

Well, No. 3 of all cities with more than 100,000 people.

The website has us just behind Erie, Pa., and Buffaloi.

There are still several cities in the United States missing as we try to locate their snowfall totals. For the time being we have left out many of the cities for the fact that unless something unexpectedly happens they most likely don’t have a shot at winning the Golden Snow Globe Award."

Erie has had more than 107 inches, and we are at 92. We might catch Buffalo (with 94 inches), but we would need ANOTHER huge storm to overtake Erie. Please, let's not have that happen!

Steven Depolo