Grand Rapids area voice talent has been well represented on TV in the past couple of years. Kevin Yon, the voice over actor who reads the gritty "Chrysler" commercials and made famous in the Super Bowl, hails from Rockford. Now, another local woman is trying to break into the commercial game, but from a slightly different angle...Or Angel, depending on your point of view.

Brie Stoner is one of the featured artists singing on the latest round of Victoria's Secrets ads. Brie, from Grand Rapids, sings "My Favorite Things" while models parade around in next to nothing. Aren't the holidays grand? :)

Here's the commercial, and here's a story from MLive about said commercial
"Victoria's Secret 'Favorite Things' commercial features sultry voice of Grand Rapids artist Brie Stoner"

For the record, I'm not into small wafer thin models like that. I prefer sizes you really cant buy at VS. Well maybe the biggest size..;)