Even though you have a better chance of dying in an avalanche over the next decade, there is still something so tempting about buying a Mega Millions ticket for tonight's shot at $500-million!

Of course, you can increase your odds by 100% if you spend $173 million and play every possible combination. You'll win, but there's only a 3% chance you'll have the only winning ticket, which means you'll be splitting the winnings. So keep your $173 million and buy an island, or something.

Also, keep this in mind when selecting your numbers: The numbers 48 and 36 have appeared more than any others -- about 11% of the time.

Oh, and don't get in trouble if you're going in for a job interview today and the Mega Millions Jackpot comes up in conversation. Joyce Kennedy was on the Today Show and warned job candidates to tread lightly around this question: "What would you do if you won the lottery?" You answer this way: "While I'd be thrilled to win, I'd still seek out fulfilling work because working, meeting challenges, and scoring accomplishements are what make most people happy." The key is not to be too honest!

Oh - and if I win - first thing I'm doing - going to Meijer and buying stuff even when it's not on sale!