I think the true test of a person's character is if they can admit they are wrong about something.

The phrase "won't be the first time, certainly won't be the last time" is used a lot in my vocabulary.

I can admit I'm wrong a lot, since it happens daily!

Twenty years ago it was Earth Day 1994.

It was at a time when there was a big push going on by the recycling and ecological movement.

And I can remember remarking to a co-worker: "This Earth Day thing will never catch on. No one is going to separate bottles and cans and milk cartons, and NO ONE is going to buy a half-gas, half-electric car."

Well, I was wrong. I really thought at the time Americans in general are too lazy and too stuck in our ways to change and take care of the planet. I'm sure many will say we still have a lot to do, but we are for sure leaving this place better than we used to.

Happy Earth Day! Now, go recycle something!