I'm not gonna lie; I'm not really a Metallica fan.

I know, you are thinking to yourself: "What Diabetes Boy, are you a communist?"

I mean "One" and "Enter Sandman" are all right, but I'm not a huge speed metal fan. I'm sorry Metalhead Ned, but I'm just bringing the truth.

But, having said all that, the band is the feature of a new ESPN "SportsCenter" promo. And it's pretty damn funny!

It's a goof on the fact when Mariano Rivera used to enter baseball games for the New York Yankees, the PA used to play "Enter Sandman" when he came into the game.

Rivera retired last year, and supposedly the band has little to do now that he's out of the game. And ESPN does a great job of that kind of humor.

I love that Metallica now wants to use "Enter Sandman" for pro golfer John Daly; good stuff!