If you have not heard, the Outdoor Life Channel has become VS. And then VS. became the NBC Sports Network. I like this channel, mainly because they show the NHL. Being a hockey fan, this is a place i stop more than not when games are on.
Even great channels have some issues sometime.

Having said all that, I was watching a show about the history of the Super Bowl, and i saw an advertisement for a college basketball game. Now one thing that has changed about TV in the past 30 years or so is flashy computer graphics. It used to just be words flashed on the screen. Now it's a big expensive looking 30 seconds to make a New Mexico-San Jose State basketball game at 10:30 on a Saturday night look interesting.

So the deal is the word "Saturday" is flash across the screen. And in the ultimate wisdom of someone, they used a stylized intro of "Saturday" for effect. Here's how it came across the TV. First an ad for Kraft Shells and Cheese macaroni dinner. A fine product I have enjoyed on many a Tuesday night at home. One might call it "Liquid Gold"


Next the Graphic Fail. If you look closely at the word "Saturday", what word is smack dab right in the middle of the sixth day? I'll give you a hunt. It starts with a "T"


Maybe that's what they think of the game...?


Well played NBC Sports Network. Well played.