Before his career as a solo-artist, Clapton worked as a guitarist in several bands, including The Yardbirds 1963–65, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers 1965–66, Cream 1966–68, Blind Faith 1968–69 and Derek and the Dominos 1970–71.

Clapton released in 1970 his debut album Eric Clapton, which charted at number 17 in the US charts and at number 14 in the British charts.

Four years later he released his second album 461 Ocean Boulevard, which received two gold certifications in the US and UK and peaked at number 1 in the US charts. His 1977 album, Slowhand, named after his nickname given by Giorgio Gomelsky, received three times Platinum in the United States. His most commercial recognized period was from 1989 through 2000, where his albums received at least five certifications and peaked in several countries in the top 10. On 27 September 2010 he released the album Clapton which peaked at number six in the US charts and number seven in the UK charts. Eric Clapton's best-selling album to date is the live album Unplugged, one of many albums in the "MTV Unplugged" series on MTV, in which musicians playing their songs on acoustic instruments. This album has sold more than ten million times in the United States alone. It's also one of the best-selling live albums in the United States.

Remember this one? #9 back in 1979 - How about today?