best of craigslist

Another Best Of Craigslist!
Usually the Best of Craigslist ads I make fun of are funny or weird without much help. This one isn't so much that it's weird or funny, but it's very West Michigan. I have lived in the region for 30ish years of my life, so when I saw this, it was pretty dead on.
The Best Of Craigslist Is Back!
My List is awesome. For many reasons. You can buy and sell stuff, find a place to live, or even a date. You can rant about politics, and even find transportation. That's where I found my current car.
Another Best Of Craigslist!
It's amazing what you can find on My List! Craigslist! Here's another AWESOME post. Especially if you are looking for people who enjoy, ahem, the other side.
Best Of Craigslist-Feb 2013 Edition
It's tax return time, and thank you to the IRS for filling my bank account with love. Maybe you remember back in the fall I got into an accident and totaled my little Saturn Wagon. So I'm now in the market for a new ride. So of course I go on to my list, Craigslist, to see what I can find.
Another “Best Of Craigslist” Gem!
Thanks to the lovely and talented Wendy Reed for finding this next incarnation of the "Best of Craigslist". Why she was looking for a 96 Dodge Van I don't know, but she is entitled to her own reasons. The van for sale in question, a 96 Dodge Ram short van, is a real babe magne…
Another “Best Of Craigslist”!
As usual, you can't make this stuff up! This "Best of Craigslist" ad comes from the Grand Rapids Free Section, and the authors are being cute. But It's still a great Best of My List!