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Charlie Sheen’s ‘9/11’ Trailer Is… Well, It’s Here
It was kind of inevitable that noted 9/11 truther Charlie Sheen would make a movie about that day, but it’s a little surprising that not only Gina Gershon, but Whoopi Goldberg would both agree to star in it. Not surprising: the trailer for Sheen’s 9/11 is shockingly, impressively bad.
Real Life People Who Resemble Cartoon Characters
Here's a list of real life people that resemble cartoon characters.
OK, resemble is an understatement. "Look exactly like" is what they really are. They are grown people who look EXACTLY like cartoon characters. Prepare to be blown away.
Last Night…By Craig Russell.
So my night started at 9pm last night. I went to the store, and then went home. I had some show to watch..."2 and a Half Men"...or something. Most people were either going to watch "Dancing With The B-Lister's" or "2 and a Half Men". I'…

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