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Does Craig Really Need to Know?
Here's a first in a new series I like to call Does Craig Really Need to Know?.
Through it, I figure out, according to a story online, if I need to know how to do what the story describes.
Where Was Craig Russell Last Week?
So, you might ask: Where was Craig Russell last week?
He was in the hospital, that's where!
He, or I, had an infected foot with a diabetic foot ulcer.
So, I entered the ER Tuesday, and was immediately admitted. After four days of antibiotics and surgery, things are looking up! But, on a serious no…
I Have Been Doing This for 24 Years
I have been doing this for 24 years. And, trust me, I'm as amazed as you are.
From my Facebook page:
24 years ago today this goofball was pushed in front of a mic in Battle Creek by one Eric Drucker 'The FlyGuy' Davis. It was a late Saturday afternoon and for one of a very few times in…
Craig’s Picture Of The Day No. 20
Welcome back! Your dreams are your ticket out.
Welcome back.
I was off for Christmas, but I'm back filling in mornings on 98.7 WFGR Classic Hits in addition to my midday shift.
I'm also bringing back the reasonably new feature Picture of the Day.
WFGR Bowl Slider Delivery!
The WFGR Crew (Matt Hendricks and Craig Russell) along with Shane from McFaddens delivered Sliders to lucky Green Bay Packer Fans and WFGR Listeners On Sunday!
The Best (Or Worst) Of “My” List!
From time to time, I will be finding the best or worst of "My" List...CraigsList! To be clear, I get a royality everytime you use CL, so please, use early and use often!
Here is the first of many "Bests" of CraigsList!

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