darth vader

Make Toast The Star Wars Way!
So you are up and getting ready to start your day. You take a shower, turn on JoJo and WFGR, and then start to contemplate breakfast. Oh, the choices. Cereal? Pancakes? Eggs? Muskmelon? What to have?
10 Little Darth Vaders Too Cute to Go to the Dark Side
It seems like Darth Vader's turned a positive corner recently. He's become part of the Disney family after all, so maybe the whole hanging out with princesses thing is turning him into a softie. Or maybe he just got a bad rep all these years. Whatever the case, it doesn't seem li…
Biggest. Super. Bowl. Ever.
TV Ratings wise, that is. According to USA TODAY, Super Bowl 45 averaged 111 million viewers, making it the most watched program in US Television history. I guess that's because more people have access to TV's than ever before.